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We offer good top quality grade A+ medical marijuana indoor,outdoor and greenhouse available with variety of strains, Prices are affordable for everyone!!!Below are some of our available strains:

*Super Blue Dream (sativa)::::::::::: AAA+ Top shelf($2200 lb, $1250 hp)

*Gorilla Glue #4 (hybrid) :::::::::::::: AAA+ Top Shelf($2300 lb, $1200 hp)

*cannabis cup winner 2015*

*Tahoe OG (indica) (limited stock):::::::::::::::Grade: AA+($2300 lb, $1200 hp)

*Sour OG (hybrid) ::::::::::::::::::::: Grade: AAA+($2300 lb, $1200 hp)


*Outdoor trim: $150-175

Indoor Trim: $250(minimum trim orders are $400+)

We are looking for long term relationships!We are professional and looking for the sa